Monday, March 18, 2013


About two weeks ago, on March 6th, we did it. We hit submit. We worked on our formal application and Statement of Faith for about a week. It was actually fun and challenging to think through our answers together. It made me stop and think about why I want to be a parent so badly. Through this long journey, I think I sometimes forgot why I wanted to be a parent because I was too consumed by the pain of why I wasn't one yet. Our Statement of Faith page had Brett and I break down our personal relationships with God, how we are learning and growing right now, and our Christian development plan for our future child. It was so surreal to sit down and write down the virtues and values that we plan to teach our child. Aside from praying and praying and praying, it's the closest we've gotten for actually planning for "our child."

Anyway, we finally completed the application process and when it time to turn it in, I became a ball of nerves. Funny how that happens! It hit me...we're actually doing this. We are one step closer to becoming feels so good. It feels surreal. It feels scary. It feels exciting! So, on March 6th, we did it. We held hands and hit submit.

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