Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Quick Update

We have been totally blown away by the excitement, support, prayers, and messages we have received from everyone! Seriously...sometimes I'm moved to tears by the overwhelming love we've been shown.     We've received cards, Facebook messages, and even a few baby gifts and I can't run into anyone we know without being congratulated! Actually, due to word of mouth, I even meet people we don't know who congratulate us! We've been able to hear about people's excitement and passion for adoption and even a few stories of other couple's infertility journeys. I even met an adoptive mother in the gym who shared her story with me! I've have always believed that God brings people along in your life that can walk with you through the season your in and I've found it to be true again. I'm thankful for such amazing people who are walking through this with us!

Anyway, I said this was a quick update, so I'll fill you in! All of our paper work has been turned in, our references have sent back their papers, and our record, background checks and fingerprints are complete. We're just waiting for our agency to process everything so we can move on to the home study visits. Of course, we're ready to get the ball rolling but we're trying to be patient! Brett is so much better at this than me!

Thanks for checking in and staying updated on our adoption journey. We still have a long way to go but we are so grateful for you and your encouragement!

PS--We did some photos with our friend, Dianne, last night! I made this for a few of them. Pics coming soon!

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