Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Waiting Time

Well...after all the paper work, home visits, interviews, video trainings, letters, recommendations, background checks, finger prints, praying, talking, laughing, and crying.....we are approved! As of last week, we officially became a "waiting family." Hooray!!!

This means we're in the pool to be chosen by a birthmother. We don't know how long the wait will be. It could be a few months, it could be a could be more than a year. I don't look forward to the wait and I've never been good with patience, but I'm so thankful to be here where we are. And thankfully, I married the most patient person I've ever known ;)

We've had fun working on the nursery! I don't want to show you too many photos until I have the bedding and it's more complete, but here's a sneak peek!

Brett found me some scrap wood that he pieced together and I painted this for sweet baby. :)

Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive through this process thus far and for understanding when our lives have been crazy! Now it's just time to wait. Ugh, such a difficult thing! But while we wait, please join us in praying for a few things:

-Pray for the baby that will become ours and change our lives forever. God already knows our child and that is so incredible.

-Pray for the birth mother that will choose us. We are so thankful that she will be choosing life for her child and will be giving us the biggest blessing we may ever receive.

-Pray that something about us will touch her heart and she will choose us because she trusts we will be suitable parents for her baby.

-Pray for us as we prepare to become adoptive parents.

-Pray that God will continue to provide for us financially through this process.

So, here we go...We're just waiting. :)

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